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Glen T. Kellogg Award
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Glen T. Kellogg was a professional in every way sense of the word. He served the water and wastewater industry with excellence in areas that are far too numerous to mention. He fought hard to maintain the highest quality standards by developing programs and concepts that have proven, are proving, and will prove to be beneficial to the water and wastewater fields of endeavor.

Some 50 years ago, Glen was hell-bent to protect Arkansas’ rivers, lakes, streams, and the public in general—many years before the advent of federal regulations and financing, and well before the words “environmentalist” and “ecologist” were stylish. Glen worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the water/wastewater manager for the benefit of all.

Glen’s farsightedness in developing environmental standards in the late 1940’s gave the State of Arkansas a 30-year head start in dealing with the Safe Drinking Water Act. The vast majority of public water supplies have no problem at all in exceeding the rigid federal regulations. The public water system oversight program at the Department of Health, as developed by Glen, matched so well against the program required by the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act, that virtually no changes were made in the Arkansas program. Arkansas was one of the first states granted the authority to implement the federal standards of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Glen strongly believed that the waste/wastewater manager should be a well-trained professional and a leader in his community as well as in the water-related organizations such as the American Water Works Association, the Water Pollution Control Federation (now Water Environment Federation), the Arkansas Water and Wastewater Managers Association, the Arkansas Water Works and Pollution Control Association, and others. Glen believed that compliance with drinking water standards could be accomplished best by a cooperative effort between the water utility and the state regulators, and that enforcement was only required if that effort failed.

These principles of Glen Kellogg should not only be remembered, but should remain in existence from now on.

Mr. Kellogg worked diligently with all organizations associated with the water and wastewater field and stood firmly in his beliefs to educate and train the operators who are responsible for our health and safety in these two fields.

Glen was employed by the Department of Health from 1947 through 1980. He served as manager of the state’s public water system oversight program, first as Division Director, and then as Bureau Director, from 1955 through 1977.



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