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Southwest Section AWWA Memorial Scholarship
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Scholarship Fund investments and disbursements are the responsibility of the Section Executive Director. (The determination of the number of scholarships available to be awarded is based on interest funds available.) The Scholarship Fund awards annual scholarships of $1,000 each. This amount has changed through the years and is subject to annual review. Awards are made by consensus of the three Scholarship committee members, one each from the three states in the AWWA Southwest Section: Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Availability of the Scholarship and eligibility requirements for the applicants is advertised in Section Journal in the March and June issue by the Section Executive Director. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Applicant must be a spouse, son, daughter, or legal ward of an active member, or an active member themselves, of the Southwest Section of AWWA. The Applicant must reside in Arkansas, Louisiana or Oklahoma or hold legal residence therein.
  • The parent, legal guardian or member must have been a Southwest Section AWWA member for at least one full calendar year before the year of application.
  • Parent/guardian/member may be the designated representative of a utility, technical service consultant firm or other organizational member. If a designated representative is changed by a member organization, a new representative cannot qualify for scholarship consideration for his/her children until any scholarship award to a replaced representative’s child has expired and all other eligibility requirements have been met.
  • Applicant must be a high school graduate or a college undergraduate. There is no geographic restriction on the college to be attended. The scholarships are intended for academic study, not trade or vocational schools.
  • Applicants request applications from the Section Executive Director.

Applicants return applications forms to the Section Executive Director by June 25th for verification of eligibility. Applications must be postmarked by June 25th. They must be accompanied by a transcript of the school record. Applicant is solely responsible for furnishing the transcript. Applications submitted without transcript cannot be considered, because judging must begin on schedule in order to have awards made by the beginning of the fall semester.

The Section Executive Director will forward copies of each eligible application packet to each Scholarship Committee member for ranking. Applicants must demonstrate academic ability. No specific academic grade achievement is required, other than above-average performance. Please provide evidence of extracurricular activities, outside interests, hobbies, club memberships, and public service activities.

Scholarship Committee members provide their rankings of the applicants to the Executive Director. The Section Executive Director will tabulate the rankings and provide the results to the Scholarship Committee Chairman and the committee members for verification of results.

The scholarship recipients will be notified by the Section Executive Director on August 15th, or as soon as possible following determination of the winners of their award and will be invited to the banquet at the end of the Annual Conference. A yearbook photo of the winner will be requested, although not mandatory.

The Section Executive Director will issue a $500.00 check to each scholarship recipient for the fall semester in September. Award winners unable to enroll for the fall semester as planned must notify the Fund immediately. Award winners who drop out of school during the fall semester or between semesters must notify the Fund immediately. Attending classes at least part of a semester permits the awardee to retain all of the payment for that semester. However, any payment made in advance must be returned if the awardee does not enroll and attend at least part of the semester for which payment has been made. If an awardee is prevented by illness, accident, or other reason beyond his control from enrolling for the fall semester, the awardee’s payment will be held in abeyance for the spring semester and second payment up to the limit of the $1,000 award will be made for enrollment in the summer or following fall semester. If two full semester, fall and spring pass without enrollment, the award is considered forfeited.

The scholarship recipients will be announced at the banquet at the end of the Annual Conference and will be published in the December issue of the Section Journal.

The Section Executive Director will issue a $500.00 check to each scholarship recipient for the Spring semester in January.

Applicants not selected for an award may apply again.


Click HERE for Scholarship Rules.

Click HERE for Scholarship Application as a pdf.